The Bachelor: Week 2

Unfortunately I sometimes don’t get to the Bachelor until mid-week, which makes writing a weekly recap a bit more difficult. But for those of you who still care, there was a lot of funny material following a slow first half hour.

The Bachelor has its faults, but it’s always maintained a sense of humour. Re-enacting Annalise’s bumper car experience was comedy gold. As an emotionally repressed man, all the crying (and the acceptance of this) makes me uncomfortable, so it was refreshing to see the other girls scoff at her “trauma.”

I’m a self-professed fan of Chris Harrison, and enjoyed how he referenced Arie’s inability to actually win any sort of racing competition (as an aside, Arie is not only not a race car driver, but he hasn’t been for seven years).

The hometown date with Krystal (who’s likely the villain in waiting until Chelsea is eliminated) was strange on a number of levels. None more than her striking resemblance to Arie’s surgically enhanced mother.

This year’s most polarizing contestant is likely Bekah M. (age withheld). I haven’t looked into it, but she’s clearly 14-15 years younger than Arie, and makes for uncomfortable television viewing if you watch the show with your parents. She’s clearly going to be a lightning rod this season.

Jenny (who’s name I had to look up), won’t be remembered following her Week 2 exit, but I believe her when she said she’s never been dumped before. The raw moment when you are dumped/removed from the show is probably the best time for a producer to get a raw moment from a contestant.

Bibiana survived another week. Let’s hope she doesn’t murder anyone next Monday.

Week 2 standings are here.


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